Welcome to our Port Lorne Community site. This site will allow the members of our community to keep updated about news and events in Port Lorne. It's also a great site for visitors to learn more about our beautiful home on the Bay of Fundy. There isn't much to be found about Port Lorne on the world wide web. A Google search turns up  this Wikipedia article...

Port Lorne is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Annapolis County. Originally known as Marshall's Cove, it was officially named as Port Williams in 1874, and then renamed Port Lorne in 1879 after the newly appointed Governor General, the Marquis of Lorne.

There is a lot more to the community. Port Lorne has been literally and figuratively shaped by the Bay of Fundy. Port Lorne has the first wharf built on the Bay in Nova Scotia, which remains in use today as home port to our lobster boats. Our community is active with regular events hosted at Fundy Hall and at the Port Lorne Fire Hall, in addition to the Port Lorne Baptist Church and Mount Rose Community Hall. 

Welcome to Port Lorne!